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Gong Baths

with Peter Whitehart

Increased from three to four times a year for 2017 due to popularity, this is an extraordinarily relaxing sound healing experience!

Saturdays, 10-11am, £15
Please arrive at 9:45am for 10am startGong Bath
We provide thick mats to lie on; bring a nice cosy blanket and a cushion.

2018 dates:

17 February
14 April
18 August
15 December


A gong bath is a relaxing and blissful experience. You are bathed in sound waves, there are no clothes removed or water involved, you simply lie down on padded mats mats (provided), wrap yourself in a blanket, lay your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax. The sounds that come out of the gongs are difficult for the human brain to follow, and you will most likely drift into a deep meditative state. This can happen once or many times throughout a session, everyone can have their own experience and every session is different. The gong bath is very good at relieving pain, stress or dealing with personal issues, it tends to bring people to a blissful state that can often last for many days. When the session ends I gently bring the group back with small tingling bells and my Heart sounding bowl, and sometimes other instruments.

For more information see Peters’ website, or complete the form below:

About Pete

gong and mePete trained with the British Academy of Sound Therapy at Chichester University and with Sheila Whittaker from the college of sound healing undertaking the Gong Practitioner Training Course, graduating in October 2012

“I began my exploration of alternative therapies back in 2008 when I trained in Reiki; First, Second and Master with Colin John, a Reiki teacher in Exeter. During 2009 & 2010 I attended several courses with Gladden therapy training in Tewksbury Gloucestershire: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) level one and EFT level two; Chakra Therapy; Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner’s Diploma; Crystal Massage Therapy; and Angel Therapy. I attended two further workshops during 2010. The first was a Heidi Sawyer Psychic Awareness and Healing Certificate of Attendance Course with the Institute of Psychic Development, a weekend course held in London. The second was The Way of the Shaman, also a weekend course held in London with Simon Buxton from the Sacred Trust in Dorset.

Although I had trained in various therpies I was still searching for what was right for me. I then remembered having a tuning fork treatment a while ago with my friend Barbara Blakemore for a back problem and I was amazed at how good this treatment was, so I started looking for tuning fork courses and so during August 2009 I attended a basic tuning fork course in Minsterworth, Gloucestershire with Sheila Hill from The School for Inner Sound. It was during this course that I realized that sound therapy was for me. I also attended the advanced tuning fork course in August 2010. And also a cosmic alignment sound therapy workshop in August 2011, again this was with Sheila Hill from the school of Inner Sound, I received a certificate of attendance and six continue development points.

I was very much hooked on sound therapy by this stage and wanted to gain a qualification in sound therapy. I found a sound therapy training company and from January 2010 to December 2010 I trained with the British Academy of Sound Therapy at Chichester University Bognor Regis, undertaking the Certificate Course in Sound Therapy which included gong therapy, drum therapy, and tuning fork therapy. Each module was one weekend per month for three months and the first module was the gong, this was the first experience I had with the gong and it really blew my mind, I was hooked on the gong.

Out of this work “Sound Gong Bath” was born. I continued my training with Sheila Whittaker from the college of Sound Healing graduating in October 2012.”


Places are limited (and popular!); please do call to book
Payment in full secures your place
NOTE Refunds are not available (it is essential we have the minimum number of bookings for the gong baths to be feasible)

For Gong Bath bookings please contact Hits the Spot
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