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Pure Meditation Foundationmeditation

This is a simple yet extremely powerful and useful meditation practice that can set you up for a calmer way of living. It helps to still the mind and calm the whole body and Being. It’s primary aim is to start you on the road to meditation. It does this by giving you a foundation using a complete meditation practice. This practice will help forge a connection with the peace that lives within by creating a pathway to it. Like any path, when it is walked enough times, it becomes established, making it easier to travel.
There are individual tools within Pure Meditation Foundation that can be used as stand-alone techniques providing a tool kit for life. These tools will help those who use them regularly to stay in balance, conserve energy and to keep the peace.
It is for all those wishing to quiet down the noise and business of modern living so that peace can be found. For those wanting to find themselves and to begin to hear the wisdom within that is often drowned out with noise.

“One of the most useful things I have ever learnt”.

Monday19.00 - 20.00 (first session 19.00 - 21.00)Emma Elliott£70 includes course book6 week course starts 5th February 2018

Pure Meditation Foundation – Monthly top-ups

This course is for those who have completed the 6 week Pure Meditation Foundation course and would like to join the group for a monthly top-up.

It is held on the last Monday of each month (moved when it falls on a bank holiday)

Note – the class occasionally starts at 20.00 instead of 19.00 – notification is given when this occurs.

Monday19.00 - 20.00Emma Elliott£48Dates provided on completion of 6 week course

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