Spiritual Development

Hosted by Lisa Brown
A spiritual development group, Corse Intuitives, meets on the first Monday of the month at 19:00 – 21:00
Each session is £5.00 per person

A different subject will be covered each month and discussion is welcome…

Mon 5th March. Visualisation: safety , centring & grounding
Mon 2nd April. Intention: being mindful and the medicine wheel
Mon 7th May. Connecting to your light being /s and power animal
Mon4th June. Working with numerology
Mon 2nd July. Discovering past lives and understanding karma
Mon 6th Aug. Acupressure and absent healing
Mon 3rd Sept. Energy work basics
Mon 1st Oct. Working with your aura and chakras
Mon 5th Nov. Uncovering energetic blocks and related emotions
Mon 3rd Dec. Demonstration of clairvoyance

More information and bookings: Lisa, 07920 004025