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Menarche Ceremony

Saturday 30th September 2017 – 10.00 – 17.00, £60 per person

(a non-refundable £20 deposit is required if not paying in full to confirm your space at time of booking)

All are welcome to join us for this wonderful ceremony, young and old, all ages welcome.

Join together in sacred space to honour the young maiden girl that resides within each of us. Celebrate the passage to womanhood in a loving, healing witness space.
Dare to start a new story…..


Ceremony and ritual mark an event as something important and sacred. We celebrate the time of first bleed as a rite of passage, honouring first menstruation as a crucial moment. It marks the first set of instructions in the mystery school of our life as women; creative fertile women with the potential to bring new life, healing and wisdom into the world.

The patriarchal mind set down through the ages has resulted in most of our rites of passage having been lost. Many women are not welcomed, seen or encouraged during this very meaningful phase of adolescence.

“How a girl crosses the menarche can cast a long shadow over her menstruating years. It can affect her experience of menstruation each month and how her life journey might play out. Approaching it as a truly special, even sacred moment can ensure that this ‘long shadow’ is beneficent and empowering.”                                                                                                      Alexandra Pope, The Women’s Quest ~

This Menarche Ceremony is for those wishing to reclaim their rite of passage. It is an opportunity to heal and find the power again as women and mothers: biological mothers, mothers of life. To celebrate menarche in ritual is to mark a new beginning, the ceremony marks the territory and activates, a reset button, it marks the passage and helps to ‘put the pieces back together’ for women to reintegrate.

At menarche a woman enters her powerRed-web

Through menstruation she practices her power

At menopause she becomes her power

~ Native American proverb ~


Facilitated by Violaine and Jenny

Violaine is a dedicated, experienced homeopathic practitioner and facilitator working in women’s health and menstruality.

Jenny is an experienced hypnotherapist, healer, hypno-birth practitioner and has facilitated many workshops and courses for women’s well-being and personal development.

Violaine and Jenny bring together their wealth of knowledge and expertise to support and guide you on this transformative journey.


If you would like to learn more about our work or to receive a booking form please email Violaine at

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