Alex Jones

Remedial Massage

I have always been interested in working with people and helping people. In the past this has seen me working with babies and children in nurseries and schools and within the community and within people’s homes as a family support worker with Barnardo’s.

I see my work as a massage therapist as an extension of my desire to work with and help people. I was first drawn to massage during a trip to Thailand where I experienced first-hand the wonderful benefits of massage. I was at the time suffering with depression and anxiety and was amazed at how massage was able to make me feel so much better. I still turn to massage now to help me in this way and I love to use massage and other complementary therapies to help people feel better.

When I returned to the UK from Thailand I decided to train to become a complementary therapist and proceeded to qualify in massage, reflexology and reiki. After working for three years as a complementary therapist I was ready to increase my skills and experience and decided to train as a level 5 remedial/sports massage therapist with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork. Here I developed my knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology further and learnt that the majority of musculo-skeletal problems tend to result from a poor posture, faulty body mechanics stress, poor working habits or a loss of strength and flexibility. Therefore within my sessions I address these issues using a variety of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills with the aim of helping to promote healthy functioning of the whole body.

Contact Alex

Phone: 07379 509175