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Penny Sheppard

Pilates TeacherPenny

In my early 40s a friend encouraged me to go to a Pilates class. I was familiar with aerobics and gym work and had a membership, which I failed miserably to use. Pilates became a habit. I looked forward to my weekly session and tried very hard to apply the principles of Pilates in my daily life.

My day job had taken its toll on my body and I was frequently troubled by neck, shoulder and low back problems, seeking advice from my GP and referral to therapists. As I continued with my Pilates practise I started to notice that I had fewer occurrences and when I did succumb I recovered more rapidly. I also noticed that I was standing taller, feeling stronger and felt more confident. I could really feel the impact of Pilates on my daily activities.

The years passed and just before my 50th birthday I took the plunge to train as a Pilates teacher with The Body Control Pilates Association. Eighteen months later, after much physical and theoretical study and examination I passed!

Since then I have been fortunate to work with many people with differing needs and goals. I have, year on year, studied to increase my skills and knowledge, which has impacted on my teaching, my clients and the classes I offer.



I specialise in:

Low Back Pain
Beginners and Intermediate Mat-work
Older Adults
Clients with Osteoporosis
Pre and Post natal mothers
Pilates for Golfers
Movement adaptation
Standing Pilates
Pilates at the Barre
The use of small equipment such as resistance bands, ova balls, weights, foam rollers, toning circles and Pilates Arc.

I am a:

Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)
REPs Level 4 – Specialist Exercise Instructor in the Management of Low Back Pain
Certified Back4Good Practitioner,
Back Care Professional,
REPs Level 3 – Specialist Pilates Instructor working with clients with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia – Healthy Bone
REPs Level 3 – Specialist Exercise Instructor in Physical Activity and Health Considerations for Older Adults
REPs Level 3 – Specialist Pilates Instructor in Physical Activity and Health Consideration for Pre and Post Natal mums.
REPs Level 3 – Pilates Matwork & Small Equipment Teacher.