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Tantric Massage

Available from Svetlana Smoliajeva (Lana)

A tantric massage opens you to touch, energy and breath awareness. Using tantric massage, we can experience physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual release; this includes integrating all parts of the body. When we receive this quality of touch it can also help to release any blockages, tensions or stresses that the body may be holding onto. We can enter a deep relaxation and ‘letting go’.

Tantric massage is non goal oriented and invites you to fully relax and ‘let go’. Being able to receive this massage without the need to think or reciprocate lets our bodies fully feel the sensations that are happening at that moment rather than staying in our heads, anticipating what will or should happen next, fantasising or perhaps feeling the need to react or follow a conditioned way of thinking.

Letting go enables the life force energy to be stimulated, flow and expand, bringing an increased awareness of pleasure and healing.

Tantric massage is for the whole body. It is very important to understand that we can hold a lot of stress and negativity, sadness, shame, fears in our body.

To build trust and create a safe space, at the beginning of the session we will discuss your needs, wishes, limitations, boundaries and fears.


Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10.00 – 17.00
Massage price £180 (2 hours)
Normal session Three hours £250 (£20 discount)