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Massage and Bodywork

churn“Wonderful treatments in a beautiful, peaceful setting, away from the hustle and bustle of town”.

P. Dare, Hartpury


  • To book, call the practitioner directly (Contact Us) or call Hits the Spot if you need help with choosing (01452 849167)
  • Pay in full at time of consultation

Each practitioner gives unique advice regarding your treatment.  It is also useful to bear in mind these points for any appointment:

  • Don’t eat a heavy meal immediately before
  • Arrange to take it easy, physically and mentally, for at least an hour after
  • It is normal and often part of the healing process to feel worse before you feel better

Many of our practitioners are also available on other days and times in addition to those advertised.
Please call us if you need to see someone at a time not listed here and we will do all that is possible to make a suitable appointment for you.

Q  How do I choose between two practitioners offering the same treatment?
A  At Hits the Spot we are not just delivering a learned, identical routine. Practitioners use style, insights and intuition which is unique to them, meaning that the same treatment may be quite a different experience between practitioners. Have a read of their own pages, and if you are still unsure give us a call.  All practitioners also offer a free 20 minute suitability chat to help you choose.

Q  Why are first appointments longer?
A  First appointment includes medical history and consultation and therefore takes longer. Follow-ups take less time and the fees reflect this where necessary.

Each practitioner has her or his own cancellation policy. Please be aware that they must still pay the room rent whether or not the appointment times are used.  This is why we request a fee for late cancellations (usually the standard cost of the appointment).

Bring your diary and appointment card
Switch your phone off / to silent when using the centre

Hits the Spot operates an Internal Referrals system. We recognise when another practitioner may be well suited to a specific need, perhaps when treatment has progressed and needs have changed, or a new condition has arisen requiring a different skill set. In this case, a £5 discount applies to the initial consultation with the practitioner referred to, who is able to read your records ahead of consultation (with your permission).