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Pregnancy Massage

Available from Ann Carroll

Shiatsu is a treatment perfectly suited to supporting women during the entire journey through pregnancy and has traditionally been used for thousands of years in the Orient as a powerful tool and promotes vibrant health during this time.

Whether you are looking for support through your entire pregnancy, wanting to resolve a particular health issue, or simply want a one off treatment for relaxation, treatments are tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements.

All the stages / trimesters of pregnancy are supported by the use of shiatsu, breath work and exercises where necessary.

Shiatsu can support during pregnancy by :-

  • Aiding relaxation and reducing stress
  • Enhances pre-natal bonding with your baby
  • Treatment and relief of common Pregnancy ailments such as nausea and vomiting, swollen legs and ankles.
  • Helping to prevent conditions from arising self care recommendations such as, exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Improves circulation and Lymphatic drainage.
  • Encourages optimal fetal positioning of the baby in preparation for labour.

Pregnancy can be a very joyous and positive time for some people or it can be a time of uncertainty, questioning and great difficulty. Whatever you are feeling about your pregnancy, shiatsu can help bring balance and restore clarity.

Each treatment is 60 minutes excluding some time to rest and make any recommendations you may need.


What should I wear? Please wear loose comfortable clothing including cotton socks
Are oils used? No
Do I need to bring anything in addition to diary and method of payment? No


Fridays twice monthly 13.30-16.30
All appointments £45 – 60 mins


About Ann Carroll

AnnCarollI am an enthusiastic and committed therapist with over 20 years of experience, and am dedicated to practicing the highest quality of body work. Yoga has always been an important aspect of my training; I studied Iyengar Yoga with Joan White in Philadelphia whilst also attending classes at the Ohashi Institute in New York. In 2005 I completed my 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training; the focus of this training was the dynamic Ashtanga yoga. I then took further study with The Yoga Campus and specialised in Yoga for pregnancy and birth.

I continue with my own practice of Yoga with teachers who inspire me. I am currently studying a post graduate diploma in Shiatsu for pregnancy and birth with Suzanne Yates of the Well Mother in Bristol.



Ann began her formal studies in 1991 at the Ohashi Institute in New York, graduating from the Advanced Program of Ohashiatsu. In addition, Ann has studied Thai massage to an advanced level in Thailand.

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