Remedial Massage

Available with Alex Jones

Remedial massage is a type of soft tissue therapy which can help relieve pain, improve a dysfunctional movement pattern, aid recovery from injury, prevent injury and decrease stress and anxiety.

Remedial massage can be used to treat

  • long-term pain
  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • stiff neck
  • shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and other joint problems or injuries
  • faulty breathing mechanism which could be causing shallow breathing and anxiety

“I was really looking forward to my massage and it didn’t disappoint – it was wonderful. Alex has just the touch and I now feel so much better and very chilled.”
Catherine – Gloucestershire

Activities which we carry out in our daily lives such as sitting at a computer or driving can cause aches and pains or it could be that a poor postural habit could develop into poor movement patterns that need attention. Within remedial massage the biomechanics of the body can be assessed to try and understand what may be causing the problem. This is achieved by carrying out specific tests so that the exact muscle or fascial chain can be found which is causing this discomfort and a tailored treatment planned to suit your needs. Remedial massage provides a focussed treatment to help solve these muscle imbalances, addressing the specific tissues needing work to assist the repair process and to prevent further injury or damage. At the same time within the session and outside the treatment room we will discuss and think about what changes you could make in your everyday life to further reduce tension and pain in the body and to prevent the danger of you reinjuring yourself.

Q Will it hurt?

Some of the techniques I use may cause some soreness and even a little pain, however I aim to keep the sessions as pain free as possible. This is because research shows that causing too much pain can create further pain processes to occur in the body which is not the aim of the treatment. Throughout the session I will verbally communicate with you about the depth of pressure and how this feels to you so that we can keep any discomfort at a manageable level for you. Pain is the subjective response of the individual and will differ from person to person so it is important we both have an understanding about what is right for you.

Q What can I expect?

To help me fully understand and assess your problem I need to gather some information from you. Therefore within the first session I will carry out a thorough consultation. In this consultation I will ask you about your current problem/s, I will enquire into your medical history and lifestyle. I will then carry out a postural assessment and I may need to carry out some tests. We will then discuss the treatment goals and come up with a treatment plan. The following sessions will then include a variety of techniques best suited to helping resolve your problem including some deep tissue work, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, stretches and active work from yourself. At the same time we will discuss how you can make changes in your life to further help you and I may ask you to carry out particular stretching or strengthening exercises at home.

Q How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on your particular needs, lifestyle and for how long you have been experiencing what you are experiencing. We can further discuss this during your consultation.


Thursdays flexible
other days when available
First appointment £60 – 90 mins
Subsequently £50 – 60 mins

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