Catrina Crute

Nutritional Therapist

I became interested in nutrition when my mother was diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago.  After she passed away I started reading various books about different diets and ended up becoming quite confused!  I realised the only way to understand about nutrition was to learn about it properly and so began my journey.

I qualified in 2010 having obtained a diploma in Nutritional Therapy and have been practicing ever since.  I am registered with BANT ‘British Association for Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine’ and CNHC ‘Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’.  I am continually building on my skills as a practitioner by doing CPD and undertaking further training.

In my clinic I offer intolerance testing to identify foods and allergens that may be challenging an individual using muscle response testing, also known as kinesiology.  This is a great place to start on your journey back to health, you know the foods that support you and those that may be hindering you.  This is used as your foundation on which to build upon.

If you would prefer to go down the blood test or DNA testing route I offer Functional DX blood chemistry analysis and MYDNAhealth DNA testing.

Many patients who feel “unwell” will come out “normal” on a blood test. Clinical experience suggests that these people are by no means “normal” and are a far cry from being functionally optimal. They may not yet have progressed to a known disease state but they are what we call dysfunctional, i.e. their physiological systems are no longer functioning properly and they are starting to feel un-well. The issue is not that the blood test is a poor diagnostic tool, far from it. The issue is that the ranges used on a traditional lab test are based on statistics and not on whether a certain value represents good health or optimal physiological function. The problem is that “normal” reference ranges usually represent “average” populations rather than the optimal level required to maintain good health. Most “normal” ranges are too broad to adequately detect health problems before they become pathology and are not useful for detecting the emergence of dysfunction.  Functional DX Blood Chemistry uses ranges that are based on optimal physiology and not the “normal” population and identifies the factors that obstruct you from achieving optimal physiological, biochemical, and metabolic functioning in your body.

Gene testing is proving to be the key that unlocks the code to healthy living and longevity. Your genes are not necessarily your destiny and a DNA test can highlight weaknesses before they become illnesses.

Genetics is the code that tells us our weaknesses, but epigenetics is the science that tells us what we can do about it. By making the right changes you can switch on defective genes and express these positively to improve your health.

If genetics gives you the bad news then epigenetics tells you what you can do about it. Now you are empowered via epigenetics with the appropriate supplements and lifestyle changes to optimize your gene health.


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