Alexander Technique

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Changing the way you think can bring about a lasting improvement in mental and physical performance. It can improve and enhance coordination in everyday tasks and help stop the self-imposed interference that is so often the underlying cause of pain and discomfort.

I can help you improve your performance in all kinds of physical activity including

  • Athletics
  • Musical performance
  • Dancing
  • Martial arts
  • Running
  • Rugby, golf and other sports

Continual improvement in everyday life and activities

So many people, especially as they get older, think it is normal to have aches and pains but the reality is we can all enjoy continual improvement.

Lessons are interesting, enjoyable and relaxing. Depending upon what you want to resolve, you will discover a course of regular lessons will give you the greatest benefit.


“Driving for two hours plus every day in my work for the last 14 years
had always resulted in a stiff neck and back until I had AT lessons with Mike.
I recently drove from Newcastle to Gloucester and arrived feeling relaxed, alert and completely free of aches and pains”


19:00-21:00 (for your first class you may need to start at the earlier time of 18:30; check with Mike)
£20 / class
OR pay for 5 classes and receive discount (£90, saving £10)

Saturday 9th March, 10:00 – 12:00, £20pp
Designed especially for people new to or returning to the AT and wanting to know what’s in it for them!

Please contact Mike for current course dates
Please book your class, it is not drop-in, thank you

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