Find us after 16th October 2020

Please see below for details of how to contact and where to find the Hits the Spot practitioners after we have closed.

This page is being updated up until Monday 5th October (we close our doors on Friday 16th October 2020).
If you cannot find the person you are looking for on this page, try the ‘Practitioners’ tab.
The website will remain visible for 6 months after the centre has closed; until 30th April 2021.

Gong Baths with Pete Whitehart
We are looking to relocate our gong baths to a venue in Ledbury
If you are not already on the gong bath mailing list, please subscribe to updates here

Elizabeth Butcher MFHT ACSMT BTEC6
Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage Therapist
07976 671461
Staunton Clinic Professional Therapy Space – Peaceful Energy, Unit 10, The Hawthorns, Staunton, Glos GL19 3NY TO BE CONFIRMED
Home clinic in Garway, Herefordshire (details by appointment request only)

Helen Mawson
01531 579 035 – 07904 457 075
Clinic in Ledbury

Laura Morgan
McTimoney Therapist
07790 024741 (new website yet to be built, currently redirecting here)
Clinic in Ledbury
Staunton clinic to be confirmed

Lisa Donnelly-Brown
Block Clearance Therapist & Reflexologist
Clinics in Upleadon and Cheltenham (plus remote working)

Tammy Ewin-Hancox
Yoga Teacher – Vinyasa, Flow, Hatha
07986 885126