Here for you in so many ways!

Our amazing team of highly talented natural health practitioners are offering a whole smorgasborg of self-isolation-friendly therapies to help you heal.
Yoga, recorded meditations, shiatsu, distance healing, questions answered, advice given, tips and tricks shared.
Please contact therapists directly for more information.

Yoga in your own lounge! Emma is a brilliant teacher – skilful, playful, mindful. Now’s your chance to join her usually full classes, via zoom.
Email Emma Elliott for timing, prices etc:


She’s got it covered! Daniella can provide all of her therapies without either of you leaving the house.
See her facebook post for more information, and call 07801 498519.


Elizabeth Butcher is a fantastic MASSAGE THERAPIST
“How do you do massage over the phone?!” … Liz is a muscle expert, you’ll discuss stretches, exercises and other muscle related tips that you can use to take care of tension and strain.
Contact Liz: 07976 671461;


BLOCK CLEARANCE THERAPY is a very powerful technique. It will not lose any of it’s brilliance when offered via skype.
Contact Lisa on 07920 004025 or email for more information.


I support body-mind-spirit conscious people who nurture their health and prioritise transformation. Together we can create profound shifts in your physical welbeing, spiritual serenity, emotional peace & inspiration”.Jane Prescott, SHIATSU and MERIDIAN MASSAGE therapist. And all of this is available with a 30 minute skype consultation.
Contact Jane on 07584 877370 or email for more information.


Helen Mawson is offering distant treatment via telephone or Skype. She have a a big toolkit under her belt thanks to her extensive training in Health Kinesiology, The Bowen Technique, Reiki & Seichem, Nutrition, Flower essences and Homeopathy. She can help and advise on many aspects of health at a distance so whether you are in pain or panic please do reach out to her. She can easily conduct sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or plain old telephone. 😊
At the current time I will be offering distant sessions at £35 discounted from their usual rate of £45+. So if you are struggling please do get in touch with me. Also if anyone is struggling and can’t afford this fee please get in touch anyway, we can work something out.
07904 457 075…/distant-treatment/


With Catrina Crute.
We have full freedom to do as we choose with our nutrition… and it is such a powerful tool for health and wellbeing.
Contact Catrina to discuss your health and arrange a consultation: 07777 607810 or email


With Ann Carroll. Although Ann does not offer her pregnancy yoga classes at Hits the Spot (she offers pregnancy massage, Shiatsu, and Thai massage), this is now available to you as you can connect from your own home.
Call Ann on 07973 892404


With Laura Morgan.
Call Laura to arrange a convenient time for both to sit quietly at the same time. Laura will send Reiki healing energy, for 20 minutes or so. Feel warm, comforted, grounded. Option to discuss the experience afterwards. £10 for 20 – 30 minutes.
Laura is also a McTimoney therapist, and newcomers as well as existing clients are welcome to call for help and guidance when dealing with back pain and neck and shoulder problems. No fee for this.
Call 07790 024741


Sue Hollingshead, Spinal Therapist, is available on the phone for advice, stretches and help with your aches and pains.
Call Sue on 07938 021255