Every Hits the Spot practitioner is carefully selected for their training and qualifications, and with consideration for their unique style which must be in keeping with the Hits the Spot passion for a warm welcome, positive attitude, and approachability.

All are fully qualified and insured. Many have undertaken additional training to that required for the standard qualification to practice, such as working with children, the elderly, and with specific conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
Back pain is a common occurrence in the UK (according to a survey commissioned by the British Chiropractic Association in 2012, almost half of the British population has suffered). We know that it needn't always be a case of 'put up with it, it's your age' and it is our mission to educate and support in this specialist area of health; we provide practitioners who have completed additional specialist training for spinal and back-related symptoms.

Amongst our team we also have two published authors (Emma Elliott and Helen Royall), and a Pilates instructor to British Dressage members and to 2012 Olympic Horse Trials competitors (Alexandra Lyons).
And we are proud to say that our practitioners bring skills from around the world! Their work is their passion, which means the treatments you receive are authentic, skilfully tailored to your needs, and bursting with the arts and styles of Thailand, America, India, and Australia.

Hits the Spot provides the umbrella under which self-employed individuals work. We work alongside GP's and closely together, sharing our wisdom in order to provide the most thorough, balanced and considered natural health care. Our team ethic means that each practitioner also knows of the wide array of skills and techniques available from numerous other professionals, so that all of your health needs are considered and appropriately taken care of.