Alexandra Lyons


I have always been interested in sport and fitness, particularly riding, modern dance and cross country running. A desk bound job and a chronic back problem led me to Pilates more than 12 years ago and I have never looked back! I feel fitter, happier and have better posture than I have ever had before. I particularly enjoy teaching a class for British Dressage and helping my riding clients achieve a deeper riding seat and better balance. I work with young and old clients and help people with chronic back problems and those recovering from injury. I love Pilates because it is challenging, graceful and immensely rewarding both on a personal level and as a teacher.

Q What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?
A I am presently training to become a Yoga Therapist and I find that the emphasis on breathing and focus as well as the spiritual connection in Yoga a very useful addition to my Pilates Training. If I wanted to rehabilitate a sports person so they were back on form I would recommend Pilates, if I wanted to explore personal issues more deeply I would recommend Yoga. Personally I find that practising the two methods is intensely beneficial from both the psychological and physical point of view.


“Alexandra has been running a very successful class for British Dressage members since 2009. They are very popular and continue to be of great advantage to our riders, always advancing our horizons”
Sarah Leitch, British Dressage Judge


Qualifications and Training
Body Control Pilates ® Instructor
CPR Qualification
Pilates for the Older Person
Garuda (Dance, Pilates,Yoga)
Osteosporosis and Pilates
Pilates small equipment
Intermediate and Advanced Pilates Matwork
Control and Balance
Yoga teacher

Governing Body Membership
Body Control Pilates

Additional Membership
Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) Level 3 Pilates Instructor
Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) Level 4 Specialist Instructor
Back Care Professional
Back4Good ® Practitioner

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