Jane Prescott

Shiatsu and Meridian Massage

I support body-mind-spirit conscious people who nurture their health and prioritise transformation. Together we can create profound shifts in your physical welbeing, spiritual serenity, emotional peace & inspiration.

You want holistic healthcare that is:

  • Physical and practical, that works!
  • Empathic and emotionally nurturing.
  • Spiritually sensitive and all-inclusive. 
  • Intuitive, inspired and transformational.


“Jane has such a caring and positive approach to her work. Her skill and professionalism have helped me enormously.
I had suffered a fairly severe injury and needed to use crutches. I went to Jane hoping for relief from the pain in my shoulders caused by using the crutches. Jane managed to work on my whole body, including the very painful areas to alleviate the symptoms and aid the healing process. I had received physiotherapy previously and had gone away from each session in more pain and often in tears thinking I would never get better. After Jane’s treatment I went away refreshed and relaxed, the pain was diminished and I felt positive and so much better. Jane significantly speeded up my recovery”.
Kim Phillips

“Wow Jane, it feels like a different day! Thank you for your time and magical hands”
Annet R-B.

“Another amazing session with Jane. Very informative and deeply relaxing. Very highly recommended. That warmth at the end is remarkable! Thank you.”


Qualifications and Training

  • Usui System: Reiki I Nov 1995
  • Liverpool School of Massage: BTEC Body Massage Diploma 1996
  • A Course in Miracles Ministerial Certificate 2003
  • Haruyoshi Ito: Sotai Balance and Health Movements 2010
  • British School of Shiatsu: Shiatsu Diploma 2011
  • Carola Beresford-Cooke: Meridian Massage 2012
  • Carola Beresford Cooke: Extraordinary Meridians 2013
  • Rebecca Davies: Heart-Uterus Meridian 2014
  • Markus Heimpel: Intro to Trauma – Touching Vulnerability 2015
  • Nicola Ley: Shiatsu and the Light Body 2016 & 2017

FwSS Fellow of the Register of the Shiatsu Society UK


Contact Jane

Phone: 07584 877370
Email: HeartStarWholeBeing@outlook.com
Website: www.prescottmassage.co.uk
Facebook: HeartStar WholeBeing