Mike McCulloch

Alexander Technique

My interest in the Alexander Technique started after 25 years of back pain. Again and again, MikeI looked for something or some way of getting relief. Previously, I had sought treatment in osteopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic and conventional medicine and although each of these helped for a while, the pain always returned.

In 2000, I began studying the Alexander Technique and very quickly felt the benefits in a number of areas of my life. It helped in the movement aspects of the martial arts I was practising. I found I could do more with less effort and movement became simplified. Alexander Technique showed me that the way I was thinking and acting in my everyday activites was the root cause of the pain. Through regular lessons I learned that I could end this self-imposed interference and enjoy not just freedom from pain but continual improvement.

Qualifications and Training
ITM Certificate Second Level Teacher of Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique branch of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

Contact Mike

Email: mich.mcculloch@googlemail.com
Phone: 07546 594251 / 01452 413067
site: www.thinkmovement.co.uk