Sue Hollingshead

Spinal Therapy and Hot Stone Massage

I did my training at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, qualifying in 2002 and was a practicing chiropractor for seven years. Now I practice as a Spinal Therapist.
I first became interested in back care after seeking help from a McTimoney Chiropractor for low back pain which came about after the birth of my first child.

What became apparent to me was that the kind of things we do in everyday life can be the very cause of our problems and that what we need to do is to take responsibility for our bodies. For me this meant regular maintenance back care and core stability work in the form of Yoga and Pilates, which I practice every week. I use my knowledge and experience of these modalities to give practical advice to my patients, helping them to help themselves, which I believe to be the key to long lasting good back health.

I have also taken qualifications in Swedish massage which I use at the end of my Spinal treatments and more recently in Hot Stone Therapy, which I practice separately, both of which I have found enhance the Spinal Therapy by reducing muscle tension.


Qualifications and Training
Diploma in McTimoney Chiropractic
HHBTA Hot Stone Therapy
First Aid in the Workplace
Swedish Body Massage

Contact Sue

Phone: 07814 433890 / 07938 021255