Tammy Ewin-Hancox

Yoga Teacher

I became hooked on Yoga many years ago as it simply made me feel better.  I remember approaching Yoga with an open mind and it wasn’t long before I felt different, more open, present, happier and better.

Even though I was a busy mum, it felt like the natural progression to then share my passion through becoming a registered Yoga Teacher.

My preferred teaching style is Vinyasa Flow where we still the mind by using smooth steady breathing. I guide students through a flow of Yoga postures that balance and harmonise the body, mind and emotions.

My flow is a physical practice with modifications offered, followed by a nurturing, calming relaxation.



“I love Tammy’s Yoga class.  I started seven months ago as a complete beginner and like a lot of people came to yoga purely for physical reasons and from that point of view I am a lot stronger and more flexible.  I have also come to appreciate the spiritual aspect, always leaving the class feeling calm and relaxed.  Tammy is a wonderful teacher and shares her passion for yoga and its benefits with her class, she is very dedicated and I know she gets pleasure and satisfaction in seeing her class develop and improve in their yoga practice.  Whether you are young or old a novice or experienced in your practice Tammy will guide you.  I highly recommend Tammy’s class.  It’s always a pleasure and a great balance between body and mind.”
Faye, Glos


“As a beginner to Yoga.  Tammy’s Vinyasa Flow class has been a fantastic introduction.  It helps develop strength, balance and flexibility and gives you the confidence to push you comfort boundaries, but only if you want to.”
Debbie, Glos


Hatha Yoga Teaching (Distinction)
Diploma in Professional BSY Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga)

Contact Tammy

Phone: 07986 885126
Email: tammyewin@hotmail.co.uk