Reiki & Seichem Training

with Helen Mawson

10:00 – 15:00

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September


I am offering a Reiki and Seichem Level 1 class which will open you to the healing energies of this system and will allow you to work with the energy on yourself and others. I will attune you to the specific energies of earth, air, fire and water and will also teach you several hands-on healing techniques to use on yourself and friends and family. I describe this system of healing in more detail below.

Reiki & Seichem
Reiki & Seichem are forms of light touch therapy and energy healing which involve techniques such as laying hands on different parts of your body. You may experience sensations such as tingling, heat, cold, gentle pulsing, or even a gentle breeze. People generally find the treatment a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that involves the therapist channelling energy through his/her hands and passing it on to the recipient. We all have a certain amount of energy at our disposal to be channeled in this way and used in healing. However, once attuned to Reiki by a qualified teacher you are able to channel increased levels of energy.

A Reiki treatment is generally a relaxing experience whereby the practitioner will place his/her hands on different parts of the body or just off the body whilst directing the healing energy. Clients often report an increased sense of well being and deep relaxation during a session.

Seichem is another form of energy therapy and is very similar to Reiki. Often a practitioner will have been attuned to both Reiki & Seichem. When considering elemental healing which is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Reiki is considered to be the earth element and Seichem makes up the other three elements of water, air and fire.

A Seichem treatment is very similar to a Reiki treatment but the therapist will also have learnt additional techniques that can be utilised with clients such as; emotional release techniques, grounding and clearing techniques. The recipient may also feel additional sensations when Seichem is being channelled such as; a gentle breeze, tingling, hot or cold or gentle pulsing.

In order to channel the healing energies of Reiki and Seichem you must be attuned to them by a qualified teacher. There are three levels of training within the system I teach enabling you to progress within the system. Personal development and the ability to facilitate your own healing takes place at all three levels within the system.

My lineage
My Reiki lineage goes back to Usui via Kathleen Milner who is the founder of the Tera Mai system. Patrick Ziegler received Seichem energy during a conscious-raising experience and combined it with Reiki , so essentially, I have two lineages.
I can provide more detailed information should you need it. Both of these lineages are endorsed by the Reiki Council in the UK. I am a member of the Reiki & Seichem Association in the UK.


£175pp. £50 non-refundable deposit on booking secures your place
For more information and to book your place please contact Helen Mawson
Phone: 01531 579035, 07904 457075