Therapist of Month

In recognition and celebration of Shiatsu Awareness Month

Jane Prescott is our Therapist of the Month for February

Shiatsu Practitioner
Massage Therapist

Jane answers our three fun and thought-provoking questions…

What is your favourite thing about being a therapist?
I love the unexpected nature of the results of the treatments. There is something which carries me through when I am giving treatments, which inspires what I do and gives me insight into which way is best to connect with my clients. I love the ‘enquiry’ nature of working with a client to unpick the contributing factors to their current difficulties/symptoms/problems, or just to ‘be with’ them and allow for transformation to occur. Sometimes we discover solutions, or translate what their symptoms are communicating. Sometimes there is just simply a look of new-found peace and calm, and a feeling of re-connection within themselves. Entirely unpredictable and unique experiences tailored to each person at that particular moment in their life.

What is the most helpful thing (life lesson) you’ve learned since training?
Training as a therapist has gone hand in hand with my personal transformation training since the early 1990’s – so life lessons are constant! Given this view, I think that the shift from thinking there is a destination or a ‘result’ to get to, and changing that to the view of a constant state of evolutionary growth is the most valuable insight to share here. The ‘Are we there yet?’ complaint from the back of the car gets changed from future-focused dissatisfaction to present moment awareness and appreciation.

If you ruled the world (starting tomorrow) what would be the first thing you would do?
The world is an ever changing experience, depending upon our perception. If we think of ourselves as experiential beings (rather than just bodies) the influence we have on the world is far greater than we realise. Bringing the two sayings together – ‘As you believe, so shall it be unto you’ and ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, I would like to make personal awareness education, ‘mindfulness’ training or personal transformation courses available to all. And mandatory Compassion and Empathy ratings for all would-be politicians, governors and rulers!

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