Therapist of Month

Helen Mawson is our Therapist of the Month for April

Bowen Technique ~ Health kinesiology
Reiki & Seichem practitioner

Helen answers these three fun and thought-provoking questions…

What is your favourite thing about being a therapist?
I love it when you get the “lightbulb” moments with clients when they realise their heath is in their own hands and that they can change things if they really want to. This is about empowering people to see things in a different way and make changes that empower their own health. That is how I see my role as a therapist and that’s what I love most about this work. Helping people with chronic health conditions is also massively rewarding and seeing people progress with their lives, it’s very humbling to be part of someone else’s healing journey.

What is the most helpful thing (life lesson)
Gosh there are so many things I have learned on my journey as a therapist and that continues every time I work with clients.  One of the big things is that we have to be patient and allow the body to make the changes it needs to in its own time. No two people are the same and sometimes what you expect doesn’t always transpire. Working with an open mind is something that I strive to do always now, getting out of the way and allowing things to unfold in their own time is really important. Expecting a miracle every day is also something that I am working on cultivating!

If you ruled the world (starting tomorrow) what would be the first thing you would do?
Crikey that’s a big one! I think initially I would look at how people could access holistic healthcare more easily. Make it essential that holistic health care is offered and used from birth. I think that would really change our society and what is going on in the world as people would become much more self-aware and self-regulating.


“In my experience optimum health is achieved
when the complex aspects of our lives are in balance,
this enables us to be happy, fulfilled and full of health”.


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