Bowen Technique

Available with Helen Mawson

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle form of bodywork, developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s by the late Tom Bowen.

In a Bowen session I apply light moves to specific points on your body, for example the moves are made over muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves. These moves send a signal to your nervous system which helps your body retrieve its memory of a relaxed and balanced state of being.

We have many different procedures available to use in Bowen and I will work with that which best suits the individual at any one time. For example we may need to address your pelvic alignment or work with your hamstrings depending on what you are experiencing.

Treatment sessions (Bowen and Kinesiology) may help; structural problems, allergies, hay fever, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, pelvic misalignment, hip, knee and foot problems, sports injuries, neck and shoulder problems, migraines, jaw problems, stress, emotional problems, fatigue…

The results I have experienced with these therapies have been remarkable sometimes even after the first session!


Wednesdays, and other days by arrangement
£55 (60 mins)

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