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Homeopathy can help treat any problem that you would normally go to your Doctor for, whether it is acute or chronic, emotional, physical or spiritual.

A comprehensive and confidential first consultation can last up to one and a half hours. The aim of this first appointment is to understand your individual symptoms and needs. The details are then carefully analysed and you will be prescribed a remedy which matches your symptom picture. A prescription is usually sent to you within a week of your consultation.

Follow up appointments usually take place four to six weeks after the initial appointment and can take up to one hour. This involves discussions about any changes since the remedy was taken, and additional information is collated. Further analysis is then conducted and any adjustments made to the prescription if necessary.


“My sessions with Violaine have been clearing, physically, emotionally and mentally.
I feel all the stuckness I have been expereincing in my health and my life is at last lifting.
Violaine listens to you deeply and has a lovely nature combined with skill and clear intuition, she gives you just the right remedy”


Homeopathic remedies are made from a wide variety of plant, animal and mineral sources, and prepared in a particular way called potentisation.  They can be given as small, sweet-tasting tablets or as water-based solutions. Your remedy may be given as a one-off dose or a daily or weekly schedule. I sometimes prescribe herbal tinctures alongside or prior to homeopathic remedies if appropriate.

Homeopathy works well alongside regular medicines without interfering with them. This makes it safe for people with chronic conditions even when patients are on established drug regimes.

With chronic conditions, it is advisable to keep your doctor informed of your homeopathic treatment. If you wish to make changes to your conventional medication in response to an improvement in symptoms, it is important that you do this with the guidance of your doctor.


Flexible availability
First appointment £65 (60 mins)
Follow-ups £45 (30 – 60 mins)
Detox £65

Child (under 18)
First appointment £45
Follow-ups £45
Two children sharing a consultation £60

Support during accute illness £5 – £25
Repeated remedy £5

Tinctures, tissue salt – at cost

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