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‘Before Eve’ – reclaiming your right to a beautiful birth

“Birth is an experience that demonstrates that life is not merely function and utility, but form and beauty.” Christopher Largen


Imagine – giving birth free from fear, naturally, easily and in control.

Imagine – being in the zone – listening to your body trusting it knows what to do.

Imagine – reducing pain down to minimal and manageable discomfort or even no pain at all!

Without fear, the birthing process could become a joyful celebration of new life. Now isn’t that a rite of passage all women and all babies deserve?


“There is no reason that a perfectly healthy woman carrying a healthy baby
should not have an easy painless delivery”
Grantly Dick-Read


Without tension, there would be less need for medical intervention.

Without pain, a labouring mother is free, she is relaxed. Her hypothalamus releases oxytocin, (sometimes nicknamed the love or bliss drug) into her body, creating a natural high. As her body relaxes further and thinking mentality begins to recede, it becomes possible for a woman to enter a deeper primal zone allowing her body and the muscles of her uterus to work in harmony.
Birthing her baby is smooth, natural and easy.

My name is Jenny Charles I am a hypnobirth practitioner and have had 44 years as a practicing hypnotherapist. I am also a healer and psychic intuitive. I can assist you to – let go of fear and have the birth that you would love.


 “We cannot thank you enough for the skills you gave us to help us through the birth of our beautiful baby boy.
It made the experience a positive one and I would recommend you to anyone.”
Jody and Steve


Hypnosis for childbirth uses self-hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing methods to prepare your mind and body for birth.
You will learn pain management skills and the hypnobirth classes aim to boost confidence so you feel naturally in the flow during your childbirth.
Hypnobirth is about reaching a state of deep relaxation, maintaining perception of control over the process and developing a positive attitude.
Hypnobirthing has been able to help many mothers overcome previous negative or traumatic child-birthing experiences.  It can also support women who suffer from tokophobia, the extreme fear of childbirth.
Participants often experience classes as fun, reassuring, informative and enjoyable.


“I was so glad when I found out that Jenny was running these classes as I had tried to read a book on Hypno-Birthing but found it an extremely difficult read. The sessions I attended were in a group; they were informal and could be a giggle. It really helped knowing that other mums to be, even ones who already had children had the same fears as me. I found the sessions great at helping me to relax physically and mentally, and the MP3s were very helpful.”


What will be covered in a hypnobirthing class? 

  • Learning deep relaxation techniques for all situations
  • Learning simple breathing techniques for labour
  • Anxiety Management
  • What to expect, and preparation for:
    • Satge 1 labour
    • Stage 2 labour
    • Stage 3 labour
  • Breast feeding
  • Parenthood
  • Many women and their husbands and partners have found the breath and relaxing techniques can be adapted to help with other stressful situations unrelated to child birth


 “I highly recommend having hypnobirthing sessions with Jenny. She has a lovely calm manor and her teaching was fabulous and I felt I learnt more than just about hypnobirthing.
I can use the techniques in other areas of my life.
I found the hypnobirthing sessions with Jenny very, very helpful indeed.
I do suffer a bit of anxiety in pregnancy and loved coming to the sessions to relax and receive tools to help me relax at home.

The CDs she gave me to use at home were lovely. I felt I could relax whilst still learning how to birth my baby calmly and safely.
Hypnobirthing taught me how to listen to and believe in my body and baby and it helped me to go through this natural process without too much interference.
My labour was very fast in the end I didn’t experience much of a pushing stage as he came straight out. I think this really helped me have a quick and pretty straight forward labour. It has really been eye opening and life changing.  Thank you Jenny”


Hypnobirthing helps support your choice
Sometimes deliveries don’t go according to plan; Hypnobirthing assists you in remaining calm and in control.

  • Elected caesarean
  • V-back
  • Natural birth
  • Home birth

My birth experience was very relaxed and took around 12 hours. The only thing was how sick I felt which did put me off somewhat as I could not get into a comfortable position and moving only made me sick again. The Midwife repeatedly asked me if I wanted pain relief but I felt I did not need it. However, when she told me there would be an anti-sickness injection along with it, I decided to go for it. Thanks to Jenny’s Hypnobirthing classes I felt calm and in control and able to choose what felt right for me. Once I had the anti-sickness injection I was able to get comfortable and dose between contractions.
I would recommend hypnotherapy with Jenny to anyone who wants a stress free pregnancy and birth”


I can confidently say that in my 44 years as a practicing hypnotherapist, the use of hypnosis for pain relief has been effective for many clients with various causes of pain, including in childbirth. Hypnosis can work in a number of ways.  With the help of hypnobirthing some women have been able:-

  • To tune out pain to acceptable levels of manageable discomfort
  • To reduce the length of time pain is experienced
  • To release the pain and replace with calm and comfort
  • Some have even been able to replace the pain with a euphoric state
  • To feel confident and in control even if a change of plan or procedure is advised

By learning to release the fear from childbirth by developing the skill of deep relaxation and by being in a state of calm, confidence and control, childbirth can become a profound and beautiful experience. It is also important to understand that pain informs us when something needs to be dealt with so it is important to recognise and understand what the pain is telling you.  There is no failure or bad and wrong should analgesic support be necessary.

Hypnobirthing is NOT an Antenatal Class
Some antenatal knowledge is gained, but only to put the techniques into context and to understand what the techniques are designed to achieve.



*The best time to begin hypnobirthing classes is when you reach 20 or 30 weeks*

Flexible availability
One-to-one Hypnobirth class (with or without birthing partner)  £80.00 (90 minutes)
A full fourse = 6 sessions; pay for all 6 sessions in advance for £440.00 and receive a reduction of £40.00
Includes 9 hypnotic recordings in Mp3 format / CD plus course manual
(Optional recordings, bespoke recordings and extra support material is available for a small fee)

Bespoke classes: weekend intensive / in your own home / friends-group classes are also available – contact Jenny for availability and prices


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