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I trained as a Hypno-psychotherapist back in 1977 and for many years my healing and psychic skills were working quietly in the background. These days, now that I am older and wiser, I have taken those skills out of hiding preferring to call myself a hypno-healer because much of my work is lovingly channelled through me from my guides and the guides of my client. My therapeutic skills and experience are often combined in order for you to experience a deeper healing and connection with your own wise self.

My core value is Love – I believe it to be the most powerful vibration in the universe.
Once we heal the emotional pain in our hearts, their capacity to radiate love can increase to the point where wonderful things happen.

When love breaks down – Many of us believe our emotional hearts are broken or shut down.
But the truth is… your heart centre is perfect, ready and waiting. It’s your mind and limited beliefs that make stuff up. The head likes to be boss. It is logical after all.

Your heart knows the truth and senses when you’re lost in your mind. When this happens it sends signals that feel like emotional longings and yearnings within for beauty, rest, purpose, calm, peace, space, connection, health and belonging.

The work I do is also an invitation for you to learn, know and trust what’s in your heart.

Some benefits of Hypno-Healing

  • Vibrancy, in body mind and life
  • Self-Expressed and naturally confident
  • Calm and relaxed both mentally and physically
  • Awareness deepening in personal and spiritual self
  • Courage to release past pain and move into joy
  • Improved sleep and health
  • Relief and improved management of pain and physical disability
  • Reconnection to a deeper experience of love of self and others
  • Learning new and fun skills to use & share
  • Supportive Mp3/CD to use as often as you desire

Hypnotic relaxation and energy healing helps you reconnect with your (instinctive and intuitive) emotional heart. Each and every one of us has it – and being connected to our heart creates positive and supportive shifts in your self-expression and life.

Transcending Fear
Hypno-healing develops a rapport between your unconscious and the conscious mind. When this happens your internal dialogue becomes more calm and positive – and you are able to connect with the part of your mind I call your ‘wise’ or ‘higher self’. From this higher part of your consciousness you can access creative solutions and aspirations, transcend fear and increase your health and well-being. Linked to heart energy, it contains all the awareness you need for greater self-expression, happiness and harmony.


“My cardiac specialist told me that I needed an echo cardiogram put down my throat to take soundings from my heart. My reaction was: I can’t even swallow an aspirin without choking. He said: ‘most people tolerated it’. I didn’t like the sound of the word most. After going into panic mode, I realised I needed some help and decided to have hypnotherapy. This was when I met Jenny, a very calm confident lady.  After four sessions, my panicking stopped and I became very calm about the forthcoming procedure.     During the procedure, I used all of the tools that Jenny had given me. Afterwards, the nurse said: ‘you were incredibly calm,’ so I told her about the hypnotherapy and how it had helped me. Thanks to Jenny and her wonderful talent.”


Q “What happens in your session?”
A Length and number of sessions required is discussed during an initial consultation. Each session begins with a chat about your progress and any issues you want to work with.
You will relax on a couch (like the ones massage therapists use) or a comfortable chair and be guided into a pleasing level of deep hypnotic relaxation in a safe environment.  Appropriate suggestions and healing take place during the course of the relaxation.

Q “How will I feel?”
A Hypno-healing is not mind control. I am merely your guide. You can speak, open your eyes and bring yourself out of deep relaxation at any time during the session. You may remain aware throughout, although you may be very relaxed and tend to drift in and out of a pleasing dreamy state.
You will leave the session feeling calm and alert, fully able to drive and get on with your day.



Flexible availability, please call
Initial consultation £75 (90 minutes)
Then £65 (60 minutes)

Skype consultations and treatment sessions are also available – some concessions are possible in certain circumstances.
Hypno-healing MP3’s and CDs are also available for use at home.

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