McTimoney Therapy

Available with Laura Morgan

What is McTimoney Therapy?
 This is a McTimoney treatment, with additional techniques such as muscle release, yoga stretches, and Reiki healing.
Straining, working, and simply using the body causes your structure to become distorted, out of alignment. A joint that is not resting in its’ ideal position a ‘misalignment’. I make adjustments which are gentle yet precise and focusing on your structure; your bones, joints and muscles. I work towards re-aligning your structure, releasing tension from joints and muscles and teaching you how to keep your body in balance.

Who is it for?
Whether symptoms are new or well established, this treatment is particularly suited to aches and pains, twinges and strains. Symptoms arising from muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves, such as back pain, frozen shoulder and migraine.
Suitable for the specialist needs of arthritic joints, the elderly, pregnancy-related structural changes and carefully managed post-operative support.
For maintenance this is fantastic, minimising the chances of a repeat of symptoms, making the very best of what you have.

How many treatments?
Treatments are no more frequent than once a week, with at least one follow-up, and the ideal goal of 6 monthly ‘MOT’s’. Treatments get fewer and further between as you progress.

How will I feel afterwards?
Most people feel freer. Sometimes the area in question feels ‘stirred up’ or ‘twingy’ at first and then settles to feel better than before.

Q “Why are you working on my face?”
A “People are usually seeking help because of a specific ache or pain, most commonly in the lower back, or neck and shoulders. In order to have these specific areas work to the best of their ability, it is necessary to address the whole structure. Your body is one complete unit and tensions and buckling in one area have a knock-on effect throughout. You may not be aware of this at the time of treatment, but compensations may well become symptomatic in time, so I adjust them as I find them.

Even the bones of the face receive adjustments. They are not completely fixed in shape, the joins of the bones of the skull are subtly moveable, and are under constant tension from the muscles of the neck which attach to the base of the skull. Adjusting the bones of the face is part of a thorough treatment, as well as addressing symptoms which are specific to this area”.

“Having been involved in a car accident I have been in a lot of pain and have certainly not been feeling myself.
After my second treatment with Laura, I left feeling like a different person. Amazing!
Such an incredible relief in such a short space of time. I cannot thank you enough Laura”.

Anna Wyman, Gloucester.


Further Information
What should I wear?
– Either disrobe to underwear (gown available), or a vest and shorts / leggings
Are oils used? – No
Do I need to bring anything? – In the winter make sure you bring enough clothes to keep warm after the treatment
Unsuitable for – First trimester of pregnancy. The treatment is modified for certain conditions, please ask for details



Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
Plus occasional Monday and Friday afternoons

First appointment £75 (90 mins)
Follow-up £45 (30 mins)

Babies, toddlers, young people, teens up to and including 19 years
I have a sliding scale, please ask for prices

70 years and over
First Appointments – £65 (90 mins)
Subsequently – £40 (30 mins)

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