Tarot and Psychic Counselling

Available with Helen Royall

A warm, clarifying insight into where your life is heading and how you are relating to the universe. Guided with either cards or conversation.
Helen  has been reading Tarot for twenty years and her gentle psychic readings have developed alongside her practice.
You will sit comfortably and Helen will tell you what pictures she sees to guide you. Animals, birds, places and colours might appear, each with a message.


“Thank you so much for the reading. I love the way you tell the story of what you see.
Beautiful images of birds, animals and nature which are symbolic to the individual.
What came up for me was spot on and I found the reading both intriguing and comforting.”
Lis P, Astrologer / Community Activist


Fridays 10:00 – 18:00
£40.00 (60 mins)
£25.00 (30 mins)

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