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Reflexology is a treatment where the therapist works on reflex points on your feet, and sometimes hands, and ears, that relate to specific organs and glands in the body. Stimulating those points with finger pressure promotes health in those organs and glands via the body’s energetic pathways.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body. The therapist uses various techniques that include holds, finger pressure, kneading, rotation and rubbing.

Soothes Mind, Body and Spirit. Using a relaxing blend of grape oil and lavender, great for the skin as well as antibiotic and soothing.


“I find Helen’s sensitive and sympathetic approach to Reflexology always reconnects
back to my feet and through my feet back to earth around me.”

Jonti R, Senior Social Worker


The potential benefits of reflexology can include:

  • Reduction in Stress
  • Feelings of deep relaxation
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Release of the feel good hormones – the endorphins (which can also provide pain relief)
  • Improved circulation
  • More efficient removal of impurities and toxins
  • A stronger immune system
  • A sense that the whole body is better balanced or in harmony



Fridays 10:00-18:00
£25 (30 mins)
£40 (60 mins)

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