Available with Jane Prescott and Ann Carroll

What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a Japanese style of massage, Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and is one of the oldest forms of medicine – healing with hands.

Pressure is applied to the body alongside stretches, rotations and manipulative techniques which allows for treatment deep into the meridians (energy pathways), muscles and joints.

Jane says – “Shiatsu is supportive and re-balancing. Travelling the energy pathways of the body, Shiatsu can connect when you feel disjointed; restore vitality if you feel at a low ebb; release the physical, mental or emotional tension you may be carrying.”

Who is it for?
Shiatsu is a therapeutic practice which supports individuals moving towards greater health and wellbeing.

Whether it be a physical complaint or emotional blockages that stand in your way, Shiatsu works the physical structure and the inner energies of the body to assist the body’s natural healing process and restore balance.

How will I feel afterwards?
Peaceful, relaxed.

Further information
What should I wear?
  Comfy cotton clothing such as a sweater, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, socks
Are oils used? No
Do I need to bring anything other than diary and payment? No

Appointments with JANE PRESCOTT

Tuesday – Saturday by arrangement
First appontment £60 (90 mins)
Subsuquently £50 (60 mins)
Cancellation policy: Please give at least 48 hours’ notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment.
Less than 24 hours’ notice incurs an administration fee of £20.

My promise to you.
Discover your smooth-flowing, self-healing, head-to toe, mind/body/spirit connection.
Come away with practical and holistic solutions and support.
Whatever you experience – feeling rejuvenated, profoundly relaxed, more comfortable in your body, more positive and inspired – I personally promise that you will feel so much better than before!
Jane Prescott FwSS

Appointments with ANN CARROLL

Fridays 13:30-16:30
£45 (60 mins)
£65 (90 mins)
Save £45 by prepaying for 5 treatments (£225) and receive the 6th treatent free.Valid fpr 6 months from first treatment

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