Spinal Therapy

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What is Spinal Therapy?
Spinal Therapy is a gentle manipulation of the joints, therapeutic massage and lifestyle advice related to the use of the body during work and leisure activities.

Aches and pains may develop in the joints and muscles when the body is subjected to trauma, such as through accident or injury. Stress and emotional disturbances, poor posture, repetitive actions and remaining in the same position for long periods can also cause the same problem.
Skeletal misalignments occur; this is where the bones have moved out of their correct alignment and in so doing may have caused pressure on the nerve, possibly leading to a whole number of muscular or neurological symptoms which appear as pain or some other form of discomfort. Misalignments can occur in the spine or anywhere in the skeleton.

To relieve the pain or discomfort the misalignments need to be corrected, this is what Spinal Therapy will do. The gentle manipulation of the joints realigns the skeleton, taking the pressure off the nerves, allowing them to recover and function normally again. Healing can then take place and the pain will ease.
Correct alignment of the joints will also aid mobility which will help to maintain nerve function and the general well being of the body as a whole.

What to expect from your first treatment
At your first consultation a detailed case history will be taken includING questions about accidents or operations, the nature of your work, and the kind of leisure activities you take part in as well as specific details about the nature of your pain. This will help in the assessment of your problem and enable your treatment to be personalised in order to get the best results for you as an individual.
Then you will be examined and some diagnostic tests may be conducted to further understand the nature of your condition. You will be asked to undress to your underwear, a modesty gown will be available should you require it, or you may like to bring a loose fitting pair of shorts to wear.
Once the required adjustments have been done, you will receive some therapeutic massage as required; to work into areas of the muscle that have become tight or knotted, this will relax the muscles and aid the healing process.
You will receive advice on how best to use your body and you may be given some exercises or stretches to help maintain spinal alignment and help the progression of your recovery.

Who is it for?
The gentle nature of this treatment means that it is suitable for people of all ages including babies, the elderly and pregnant women.
Whilst the most commonly treated problem is back pain, Spinal Therapy may treat many other problems, such as general aches and pains, neck and shoulder problems which may cause headaches and can also help the pain caused by degenerative problems such as arthritis.

How many treatments?
A follow-up appointment is always recommended in order to check your progress and to reinforce the initial adjustments. After this you may need several more appointments depending on the severity of your condition, but also on other factors such as your age and how long you have been suffering. As a guide it can take between two and eight sessions which would be spaced weekly initially and then with longer spells between them as you progress.

How will I feel afterwards?
Most people have a general feeling of well being after the treatment, however it is quite common to feel a little stiff and tired for a day or so, after this you should begin to notice improvement in your symptoms.

In order to get the most from your treatment, you should bear in mind the following advice:-

  • Try to rest and avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol for 24 hours.

Q “Is my pain muscular or in the joints?”
A “The muscles and bones work together, so if a muscle is tight it can affect the joint, or if the joint is ‘buckling’ it can cause the muscle to be tight. So the pain could be caused by either or both. Re-aligning the joints can directly ease pain, but can also improve the muscle tension”.

Q “Will it hurt”?
A “Spinal Therapy is a particularly gentle form of manipulation and so, easy to receive, it can be used equally well on anyone from a small baby to an elderly person. However, when the body is in pain, it feels sensitive and vulnerable and so naturally some of the adjustments may feel slightly uncomfortable”.


“Initially I was sceptical about the benefit of such a gentle manipulative treatment, and during the first session I still doubted that it could help.
However whilst walking to my car, I noticed that the ball of pain that I had had in my lower back for over ten years had disappeared”.

Simon, Newent


Further information
What should I wear? 
Either disrobe to underwear (gown available), or a vest and shorts / leggings
Are oils used? No
Unsuitable for… First trimester of pregnancy
Do I need to bring anything? In the winter make sure you bring enough clothes to keep warm after the treatment

Thursdays 09:00-12:00
First appointment £65 (90 mins)
Subsuquently £47 (45 mins)

Students, over 65 years
First appointment £60 (90 mins)
Subsequently £42 (45 mins)

Under 16 years or still at school
First appointment £40 (90 mins)
Subsequently £25 (45 mins)

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