Thai Massage

Available with Ann Carroll

Ann-ThaiI started studying Thai Massage in 1998 at the Omega institute in New York. With a strong foundation in Shiatsu, I continued to seek out the best teachers in the USA and Thailand. Thai Massage is a very exciting form of body work as it works on the physical body yet impacts the inner landscape. Leaving you feeling connected, peaceful and joyous.

How does it work?
Thai Massage combines the ancient disciplines of Acupressure, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Hatha Yoga. Applying rhythmic and deep tissue massage using my thumbs, palms, elbows and feet, yogic stretching and gentle body manipulation. Throughout the treatment I collect information about how your body moves; the tightness / looseness of your muscles and tissue. I start at your feet and work progressively up the legs warming the muscles in preparation for deeper stretches. The way your body responds will determine the amount of pressure and the stretches that I use. Creating a safe space for you to deeply relax and let go. As I do not use oils it is important to stay warm thoughout the session so please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Who is it for?
Thai massage is a great complement to any sports activity as it speeds up the rate that muscles recover, it also offers passive yoga stretches which allows for a deeper range of movement without injury. Thai massage is recommended if you stand/sit all day as it improves Circulation and Lymphatic drainage. It’s also a great way to stimulate the system and get moving. I have found that it helps the body to recover from jet lag very quickly after receiving a treatment.

How many treatments?
Best to start off with a 90 minute treatment and then if appropriate 60 minutes.
It also works well in combination with other treatments helping the body/mind to integrate the work.

How will I feel afterwards?
Refreshed, lighter, taller and very relaxed, realigned.


Fridays twice monthly
First appointment £60 (90 mins)
Subsequently £45 (60 mins)

Please allow 75 minutes for all 60 minute treatments as it allows some time to rest and, if appropriate, I will give you exercises to do at home.

Save by pre-paying for 5 x 60 minute treatments and receive the 6th for free. This is only valid on 60 minute treatments and is valid for 6 months from the time 1st treatment is taken.

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